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The book aims to provide readers with sufficient information to be able to select the necessary hardware and software to implement a wide range of practical PC-based instrumentation and control systems. Wherever possible the book contains examples of practical configurations and working circuits; all of which have been rigorously tested). Representative software is also included in a variety of languages including x86 assembly language, BASIC, Visual Basic, C, and C++. In addition, a number of popular software packages for control, instrumentation and data analysis have been described in some detail. 

Information has been included so that circuits and software routines can be readily modified and extended by readers to meet their own particular needs. Overall, the aim has been that of providing the reader with sufficient information so that he or she can solve a wide variety of control and instrumentation problems in the shortest possible time and without recourse to any other texts.

This book is aimed primarily at the professional control and instrumentation specialist. It does not assume any previous knowledge of microprocessors or microcomputer systems and thus should appeal to a wide audience (including mechanical and production engineers looking for new solutions to control and instrumentation problems). The book is also ideal for students at undergraduate and post-graduate level who need a source book of practical ideas and solutions.



The PC
PC expansion systems
Using the command line interface
Assembly language programming
BASIC, Visual Basic and PowerBASIC programming
C and C++ programming
The IEEE-488 bus
PC instruments
Software packages
Reliability and fault-finding
Appendices including a glossary of terms, processor data,
BIOS error codes, manufacturers, suppliers and distributors



The new THIRD EDITION (ISBN 0 750 647 167) includes:

  • Updated information on PC hardware and bus systems (including PCI, PC/104 and USB)
  • A new chapter on PC instruments complete with examples of measurement and data logging applications
  • An introduction to software development in a modern 32-bit environment with the latest software tools that make it possible for applications running in a Windows NT or Windows XP environment to access system I/O
  • New sections on MASM32, C++, Visual Basic, and PowerBASIC including examples of the use of visual programming languages and integrated development environments (IDE) for BASIC, assembly language and Visual Studio applications
  • New sections on LabVIEW, DASYlab and Matlab with an updated section on DADiSP
  • A revised and expanded chapter on reliability and fault-finding including detailed fault-location charts, diagnostic and benchmarking software
  • Considerably extended and updated reference information
  • A companion website with downloadable executables, source code, links to manufacturers and suppliers, and additional reference material 

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Copyright (c) 2004 Mike Tooley. All rights reserved. (HI)